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The LightWorkers Council

The LightWorkers Council

The Lightworkers Council

A deeper guided soul regression to help you rediscover:

  • your light work

  • your soul mission

  • how you agreed to help shift the planet at this time

  • the other souls who are here to help you & how to find them

  • the "new" you came to build

  • details about your soul and its gifts

  • and more!


Before your soul incarnates in this lifetime you meet with a council of higher dimensional souls who take you through an intricate process to plan your role in this ascension. Come rediscover what your soul has been assigned, all the details of your assignment, and how to start stepping more firmly into your mission at this time!

" Meeting the council helped me feel more deeply loved and treasured than I knew possible. The information about my soul’s mission profoundly affected how I will move forward in my life’s work. This truly is the best meditation I’ve done for exploring my soul and my mission!"

~ Sarah K.

Cost: $16

Once you purchase, you access the video on this page. So you'll come back here and log in and view it from this site.

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