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Success Stories

My Work Has Been Featured On:

Regular Girls Podcast

w/ WWE's Renee Young and Comedian Stacey McGunnigle

Sarah Shook is the real deal, during my session she was able to focus on issues that no one else knew I was dealing with. She was able to pinpoint roadblocks and emotional stalls and find resolutions to them. After working with her I felt incredible. I left feeling completely grounded and could see the light at the end of the tunnel. She is a genius. Run, don't walk to her. 

/// Stacey, Co-Host of Regular Girls, Comedian

What My Clients Say

"The reading I had from sarah was amazing. I felt a strong connection of spirit through her. After the reading I felt like the sunshine through the glass on a winter day. Cheery and optimistic, open and fresh. New beginnings”"

// Renee B., PhD, LCPC

"Working with Sarah was extremely healing! She makes you feel comfortable in a very intimate setting. Her feedback was right on point, insightful and helped me to continue to implement better habits to reach my full potential! I highly recommend a session with Sarah!"

// Rachel L., Comedian

Sarah created such a peaceful and nurturing environment for me during our Reiki session.  I felt as if the Universe had wrapped a big soft blanket around me.  My entire body and mind were in such a restful, receptive place.  Sarah was focused, thoughtful and completely present to me.  She told me things I hadn't thought about in a very long time that suddenly make sense now.  Her messages during our session gave me a sense of hope and definite feelings of empowerment.  I am trusting myself more, have a richer prayer life, and am less anxious about the things I have no control over.  It's my 7th decade and I have a new passion for what's possible in my life.  So excited and blessed for this journey and for the incredible guidance Sarah is providing. 

// Virginia L., Brian & Injury Nurse

// Jen B., Psychologist

"My experience with Sarah was amazing. She made me feel calm, supported, and open during the entire session. I have had reiki before but this experience was much different, for the better. I felt connected to her, a sincere healing energy. She was able to pick up on so many incredible things during my session. I highly recommend everyone to experience Sarah's reiki. It's good!"

"Sarah is great at what she does. It was awesome to get to experience it. I truly felt lighter. I am processing a lot and taking the experience with me and using it as much as I can."

// Niccole, Actress

"From start to finish, Sarah was so attentive and caring about her work. I felt comfortable with her as my guide and talking with her during the session. It was my first Reiki session, but I would definitely do it again with Sarah. " 

// Job, Writer/Poet

“Sarah's work has undoubtedly changed my life for the better. I've been coming to her for three years to help clear the ties that hold me back. She is a highly intuitive healer and her insights have healed me through immense trauma into a new and more productive life on a personal and professional level. I couldn't imagine my life without Sarah's energy work and I am highly grateful to have found her. She has such wise and calming energy and every experience I have with her has helped me breakthrough society's walls consistently. She is an absolute gem of a human being, I recommend everyone go see her. Her work is such a gift!”


// Scott C., Writer/Photographer

"I am so so grateful for Sarah and the profound healing! I feel totally inspired. I had so many chills when she was working on me. And the amount of ideas coming out is literally a whirlwind of scrap paper."

// Kat B., Writer/Healer

"The Mediumship reading was awesome. Sarah not only connected with my Grandfather and brought through clear messages, but it was life changing as well. She answered a burning question for me regarding his death, shared accurate details, and gave information that will literally help to heal my Mother emotionally. The method that she uses, i.e being dropped in a specific location, made it more real to me. It was like describing a scene from a movie, or a miniature snap shot of a moment in time. It was easy to visualize and also helped me to understand my Grandfather, my Mother, and rest of the family."

// Zena B.

"Sarah has a beautiful energy and a clear connection to Spirit. My time with her was restful and illuminating. I recommend booking your own session."

// Sheila L., Author/ Forensic Handwriting Specialist 

"My reading was a marvelously objective perspective shared through a wide-angle lens so that at the end I could clearly see how all the various inputs fit together. I came away with a panoramic view of how the suggestions could better my life. A light had been shone [x-Ray?] on a specific life area and I was now equipped with ideas for my first action plan to bring this area into a more actualized state. So, in a word- success!! I found my reading accurate, (spot on!) and I thoroughly enjoyed the excursion of following the path of Sarah’s imagery angles towards the point that was being highlighted. I entered empty but left the reading feeling my bowl was indeed now full."

// Geena V.- Retired
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