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I look forward to working with you. I currently only open sessions based on my availability.


To be notified when I open sessions up and to book please sign up for my email list. You will receive an email letting you know I have opened up some time slots and will be able to book at that time. Please check your spam/promotions folders if you didn't receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox after subscribing.

Limited sessions now open for the summer!

All sessions are currently via video chat.



Thanks for subscribing!


Intuitive Reading

  • Let's tune in with your guides and your energy field and bring through guidance, clarity, and action steps for moving forward in areas of your life.

  • You will join me on a video chat for the reading.

  • 30 min reading: $75

  • 60 min reading: $100

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Reiki Healing

  • Using the ancient art of reiki, I will work to clear and rejuvenate your energetic field, re-align your energy centers, get you back in tune with who you are, remove energy blockages, and receive messages from your guides. Your energy wants to speak and tell you a story about the potentials that you hold. Let's tune in and align with that energy.

  • 60-90 min session: $120 - virtual session

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Body Consciousness Healing

  • Your body operates at the consciousness it holds. Using a mixture of BodyTalk, Reiki, and channeled energy/messages from your guides, this session provides in-depth healing to cleanse and clear your energetic field, bring your body back into balance by addressing stored traumas, roadblocks, stress/anxiety, energetic imbalances, or rewiring your body's conscious blueprint to a higher frequency. 

  • You will also receive messages from your guides

  • 60-90 min session: $120 - virtual session


  • The soul lives beyond the death of the body. Connect with passed on loved ones, receive messages from them and verification that they are still around and with you. 

  • This session is virtual and lasts about 30 min.

  • Session rate: $75


Notification of cancellation must be received 24 hours prior to the scheduled session time to receive a refund. Thank you.

Cancellation Policy

The information provided during a reading/session with me is purely for your personal and educational purposes. It is not meant to be a substitute for medical help or a medical diagnosis. Any information that comes up, it is up to you to seek out the correct avenues thereafter. And you are thus responsible for any decisions you make in regards to the information shared in the session be it financial, business, legal, relationship, medical or mental health, etc. By scheduling and paying for a session you are agreeing to these terms. 


Sarah also holds the right to terminate an appointment at any time during the session and depending on the appropriate circumstances will issue a refund. 

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