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A Little About 


"Energy Healing and Intuitive work has truly changed my life for the better and helped me step into my personal power.

For the last decade and a half I have charted a career in comedy and writing. During that time, I became chronically ill and dove into the world of natural healing. Reiki, intuitive readings, and BodyTalk were all healing modalities that helped me get back to myself. I soon realized that stress causes so much disease in the body and keeps our personal growth stunted. 

After I received Reiki for the first time, I knew it would change my life forever. I felt so amazing, and saw the benefits come into my life almost instantly. I truly believe that feeling good creates a feel good life.

As my body began to heal, my spiritual gifts came online and grew stronger and stronger. It became very apparent that these gifts were not going to be ignored. So I gave in and began to develop and share them.


After training in energy/trauma healing and opening my intuitive channel, I quickly learned that I was also a medium for the spirit world. I began training with some incredible mediums who have studied at Arthur Findlay in England and Lily Dale in New York.


My intuitive gifts have helped me connect with so many people and have I have found this work to be incredibly healing and rewarding. 


I am truly excited to be able to share all of my gifts with you and to help you discover more of who you are at a soul level. Thank you for being here."

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