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Dear Sarah Readings

Let's do some intuitive readings. They are free. This is how it works. Remember that newspaper column called "Dear Abby" where people could write in with questions and Abby would give her advice? It's very similar.


You can submit one question, one question only at a time (please keep it brief). And each week I will choose one or a few questions and I will read into the energy around the subject AND/OR give a quick exercise to integrate the energy or release or heal or whatever is needed. I will then make a video on it to post on YouTube & Instagram. The video will keep your name anonymous, but I will read the question, or parts of it, so viewers have context.

I'm excited to offer this service but I ask that you please be respectful of my time and energy with your submissions.

We all deal with similar issues and one person's reading may be helpful to many others as well. Energy works in wonderful ways like that. So submit your inquiries below and stay tuned.

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Thanks for submitting!

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