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Sarah Shook 

"Your power is on the other side of your healing."

"Your energy wants to tell you a story about the incredible soul you truly are. About the boundless possibilities that exist within you for you to tap into. About the false beliefs that are getting in your way and that you are so much more powerful than those misaligned beliefs.

In a session with me we will work to create the reality you've always wanted. To clear your energy and help set you up on your highest path. I am so passionate about helping people step into their soul-centered power that comes equipped with love, compassion, and deep self worth. YOU are who you've been waiting for this whole time."


I am an intuitive reader and energy healer and I am deeply passionate about natural healing. I believe that our energy speaks loudly to us about what needs to heal. I help my clients release blocks and find clarity on the challenges they are facing so they can proceed forward with confidence and enthusiasm. 

I have been doing energy work and readings since 2017, but my love for this work goes much further back. The tools I have learned and developed over the years, i.e.-clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, energy healing, meditation, intuition, trauma clearing, mediumship, akashic records, and epigenetics, all help me to aid my clients in achieving a better life and sense of peace. 

What a Session Can Help With:

  • Clarity on next steps

  • Life Purpose

  • Relationship issues

  • Career and Money

  • Reprogramming subconscious beliefs to enhance self worth

  • Physical ailments

  • Confidence

  • Healing grief and shame

  • Connecting more deeply with your true self

  • Closure and connection with passed on loved ones

  • Stepping more firmly into your personal power 

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