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Are you ready to remember your soul mission?


Do you consider yourself a lightworker? Would you like to understand more of your soul mission and how all of your gifts will come together in service of humanity?

Then join me on Saturday February 10th at 12pm CST as we journey into our life between lives and visit with the Lightworkers Council.



What is the Lightworkers Council?

As a lightworker, before you come into this life you plan your mission, your soul group that your will assist in carrying that mission out, and you work with a council to make all of this happen.

There is so much support and celebration given during this process. A process that is curated with very high intention. 

To learn more, you can watch my video on YouTube about it!











This is a deeper meditative session. So please be sure to be in a quiet space for about 2 hours where you won't be disturbed.

If you cannot attend live, no worries, a recording will be sent out to those who sign-up!

Cost: $33

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