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The Soul Mission Circle

Work with me and an aligned group of souls to help fully build and step into your soul mission in my 6 Month Program! 

Step into deep soul discovery to pull through who you are, why your here, and the gifts you carry so you can be the fullness of who you are!

Open your intuition, learn to read energy, chakras, timelines and connect to spirit guides. Learn to channel higher dimensional information for new earth and your mission.

Uncover your soul mission, the steps and details to build it out. Release blocks and bring yourself into heart centered confidence and abundance. And learn how to energetically create your reality!

This is an in-depth program where we will be doing more advanced soul work and growing together as a group. That does require a commitment each week live on the soul circle calls at either of these times:

11am CST on Tuesday July 9th-December 17th


3pm CST on Wednesday July 10th- December 18th

We will also meet live on Mondays at 10am CST starting July 8th but these are not mandatory to attend live. You can catch the replays.

Please select JULY 1st as a start date at check out.

Thank you for joining and I look forward to our journey together!

Best Value

Soul Mission Circle



Every month

Helping you build your soul mission and your intuitive tools to do so.

Valid for 6 months

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