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Release trauma & blocks, strengthen your intuition, and step into your abundant soul purpose!

Intuitive Ascension Coaching with Sarah

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Work with me 1:1 and dive deeper in my 3 Month Coaching Program! 

During the 12 weeks we will use meditative exercises and deeper connected subconscious and intuitive work to help you in these 3 areas:

1.  Release Blocks and Trauma

So you can create more freedom to follow who you are, raise your vibration, accelerate your growth, and step into your full potential.

2. Find Your Purpose

And begin to step more into your power so you can live the life you desire, have more aligned and connected relationships, and receive abundance doing what lights you up. 

3. Harness Your Intuition

Connect more quickly and easily with your inner guidance, your spirit guides and your direction in life so that you can lead a guided and fulfilling life that honors the truth of who you are.

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What Some Past Clients Have to Say...

"Sarah is kind and most certainly a coach. A coach that has your best interests in mind. She is working for your greatest good. Have faith, break those chains, and move into your power. I can't recommend her enough. Listen to your inner voice and take the next steps with her, you won't regret it."

//Brian R., Fitness Entrepreneur 

"Sarah's work is so life-giving! She is incredibly gifted!"

//Virginia L., Brain and Injury Nurse

"Sarah is such a deLight! She offers a grounded and loving presence in her sessions. Sarah supported me in trusting the wisdom I was receiving by sharing her insights and the information she channels. She is always spot on. Sometimes those affirmations are just what we need to help give us the courage to move forward. She speaks from her heart and meets you in yours. She is a beautiful human. I am so grateful she walks the planet at this time. Thank you!"

// Erin D., Intuitive Healer

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