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Tuning In With You

A summer incubator series
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If you are feeling stuck, if you are wanting to create a more flowing and joyous life that feels heart led, if you are wanting to go deeper in your spiritual path, if would like to understand more of who you are give yourself guidance on a regular basis, then join me on Wednesdays this summer to dive deep into who you are and why you are here at this time. 

Stop seeking outside yourself and start seeking within.


I want to give you tools to tune in with yourself and your own intuition and bring yourself guidance, clarity, and a deeper knowing of who you are and your purpose. 

The series will explore:

  • your soul aspects

  • discovering more of your true self

  • your souls purpose

  • how to step into that purpose

  • receiving messages from your higher self and your guides

  • tuning in with your heart

  • past lives

  • trauma healing

  • and much more

You will walk away with a greater sense of who you are and where you need to go AND with tools to tune into your own inner guidance and receive the clarity you need on a regular basis.

The way to accelerate healing and your spiritual path is to be able to tune in with YOU! Come get the tools to do that on your own and expand your life.

Come for one class or come for all!

WHEN: Wednesdays starting June 21, 2023 - August 2023

TIME: 8pm EST/ 5pm PST for one hour

WHERE: Over Zoom

COST: Free!!! Donations are much appreciated!


Replays will be posted in the New Human Membership

To sign up and receive the zoom link each week please subscribe below to be notified.

Thanks for subscribing!

While this series is free and open to all, if you feel inclined and would like to give back donations are very much appreciated. Thank you! You can donate here:



At the end of every month let's gather together and discuss the energies. Each month will be a different theme. Sarah will share messages from her guides, answer questions, and lead the group through a meditation to heal, release, gain clarity, grow closer to our authentic selves, and call in aligned manifestations into our reality.

If you cannot attend live, a recording will be sent out after the event.

This month's theme: "Becoming the New You and Preparing for 2025."

Sunday January 29th at 8pm EST/ 5pm PST
Cost: $20
Join me for a meditation, discussion and channeling to discover what's next for you, how to get there, and the energy to step into. Where do you want to go in 2023 and how does your soul want to guide you there? Gain clarity, step into your power and knowingness, and stay tuned for a channeling of the energy for 2023 and the guidance that Sarah's guides want to bring forward. So much is shifting regardless of it being a new year. Let's harness that energy and use it to our advantage. See you there!

Saturday January 7th at 12pm CST/ 1pm EST/ 10am PST
Live on zoom
If you cannot make it live, you will receive a replay of the event

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Soul Self

A Live 4-week guided course to help you step into the power of your soul and begin creating life from a more authentic and intuitive space.

Every Monday at 7:30pm EST/4:30pm PST from May 2- May 23, 2022

What to expect:

Each week will involve teaching, discussion and a guided meditative journey to help you tap into who you are at a soul level.

The class will meet over Zoom and will last between 1.5 - 2  hours each week. You will receive a recorded copy of each guided meditation for personal download. So if you are unable to make one of the classes you will be able to catch up with the recording. I do ask that if you sign up for the class, that it is something you are able to attend live for, if not all, the majority of the weeks as the group energy also provides a unique space for healing and conscious development.

Topics we will focus on:

  • Getting to know who you are at a soul level, your true soul essence and what that feels/looks like

  • Your souls purpose in this life and why you incarnated onto this planet in this lifetime

  • Your souls origins

  • Past lifetimes and soul contracts/relationships

  • The talents and gifts your soul has acquired and how to use them to carry out your purpose in this lifetime

  • Trauma clearing and soul healing

  • Creating new soul-centered empowering beliefs for yourself and your life

  • Lessons your soul came here to learn and why you are given certain circumstances 

  • Next steps as you move forward with this deeper knowledge of your soul self and your mission

Cost: $125 

You will also receive $25 off a Reiki or Body Consciousness Healing if you would like to take a deeper dive into your healing and self discovery.


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